Basketball Hoop Installation in Philadelphia

Once you have decided on where the hoop will be installed and made your purchase by law 811 must be notified to report excavation. Subsequently after you will be scheduled for the first phase (concrete work) per manufactures instructions. After 5-7 days of cure time we will return, the second phase will be performed erecting and assembling your system for completion In some cases systems can be installed in one day with fast setting concrete this process will start curing in 45 mins. We wait 3-4 hours to assemble then we install temporary stabilizers allowing for play in 3-5 days cure time.


Besides being experts for In-ground hoops we also assemble, install, portables roof & wall mounted systems. These services are available in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware. If you or a friend tried to assemble rta products or some of the systems mentioned we know what you have experience we hear it all of the time. It’s time consuming, complicated, too many instructions. Don’t worry why put yourself through the headache let us handle these tedious projects that requires specialty tools and experience we get it right the first time. We offer repair, removal, relocation, delivery, hauling & disposal for an additional fee.