Basketball Hoop Installation in Pennsylvania

Once you have decided on where the hoop will be installed and made your purchase by law 811 must be notified to report excavation. Subsequently after you will be scheduled for the first phase (concrete work) per manufactures instructions. After 5-7 days of cure time we will return, the second phase will be performed erecting and assembling your system for completion In some cases systems can be installed in one day with fast setting concrete this process will start curing in 45 mins. We wait 3-4 hours to assemble then we install temporary stabilizers allowing for play in 3-5 days cure time.


Besides being experts for In-ground hoops we also assemble ,install , portables roof & wall mounted systems. If you or a friend tried to assemble rta products or some of the systems mentioned we know what you have experience we hear it all of the time. its time consuming ,complicated, too many instructions. Don’t worry why put yourself through the headache let us handle these tedious projects that requires specialty tools and experience we get it right the first time. We offer repair removal relocation delivery hauling & disposal for  an additional fee.



Fitness Equipment Assembly in Pennsylvania

Fitness Equipment Assembly of all brands of equipment including treadmill, elliptical, recumbent bike, home gyms, smith machines, weight benches, weight machines, climbers, rowers, steppers, sporting equipment, and more. Hire TriState Assembly for home gym assembly service in Philadelphia.


After your investment is assembled and look over to insure safety and quality workmanship a brief tutorial is given about your fitness equipment. We also offer repair maintenance disassembly relocate & hauling for an additional fee.


By saving time let us put together your furniture correctly and safely relieving the frustration of trying to following lengthy instruction manuals.  With the knowledge and experience of assembly of all types of home, office, and indoor and outdoor furniture. It’s not a problem for us. We are experts in home furniture assembly in Philadelphia! We assemble furniture for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bath. No matter the retailer or manufacturer we assemble anything! Pick up delivery moving hauling is available for an additional fee. If you own a business, TriState Assembly also provides Philadelphia Office Furniture Assembly services.


Playground Equipment Assembly Philadelphia

There’s so many products under this category that can be considered as playground equipment such as Basketball Hoops, Trampolines, Jungle Gyms, Playsets, Soccer, and Football. Whatever the task no job is too big or too small, our professionals can handle any playground equipment assembly task. Tri-State Assembly knows and believes it’s mandatory to make sure all components are fastened properly and all warning labels are visible to the users. Delivery is available. Our Disassembly, Repair, Maintenance, Moving, and Hauling are available for an additional fee.


Trampoline assembly and repair experts are always ready to assemble your round, square, rectangle, or oval shape trampoline with or without being enclosed or with accessories. We believe in safety first, and paying attention to detail. It’s important to display safety labels and make sure they’re visible to the users. We take our time to ensure proper assembly in a timely manner. We also provide dismantling, removal, and hauling for an additional fee.

We provide our customers professional installation of organization systems that consist of closets, garages, and laundry rooms. With a strong work ethic and commitment we bring quality and beauty right to your room of choice. We stand for reputation, integrity, and trust. Tri-State Assembly can build it and provide the best customer service and total satisfaction in the area.

We also install Wall Beds, Murphy Bed Cabinets, Pantry, Hobby Room, Hooks, Storage Bins, Wire Shelves, Basket Accessories, Grill Assembly and more.



Shed Assembly

Installing a shed can be time consuming and become a bigger project than anticipated. You’re confident about getting it done until you open the box you were given and see that the instruction booklet has more than 50 pages and in some cases you will need to build a platform for the unit. This is a job that can become overwhelming and time consuming. Leave it up to the professionals we will assemble it. We assemble anything include home gym assembly services, office furniture, home furniture & more!


Grill Assembly

If you’re considering buying or have made your purchase of a new BBQ grill whichever the brand or model tristate is a local, full service company that can complete the job. Avoid the hassle and allow the specialist to handle your grill assembly; we provide top quality work that always leaves our customers highly satisfied. We provide hauling away of old grills repairs and delivery for an additional fee.


What We Install

  • Ping Pong Tables
  • Air Hockey Tables
  • Foosball Tables
  • and other game tables

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of quality assembly of ping pong, air hockey, pool, poker, foosball and other game tables. Leave it up to us the assembly experts. We also provide hauling away delivery for additional fee. TriState Assembly also specializes in home gym assembly service in Philadelphia, furniture assembly, office furniture assembly and so much more. See all of our services here!

Tri-State Assembly has successfully executed numerous hoop removals. We have removed direct bury, anchor kit systems, and roof & wall mounted units. My team doesn’t just dismantle back boards and old unwanted posts. Our team removes concrete foundations permanently. If you want your new hoop in the same spot to remove it is no problem, we can make it happen just for you. Tri-State Assembly will haul away and dispose of the old hoop, with full service guaranteed. Providing removal of flag poles, mail boxes, fence post and any other vertical post or barriers. We also specialize in home furniture assembly in Philadelphia, home gym assembly, grill assembly and so much more!



Our Moving and Hauling services consist of moving light office buildings, residential moves, gym equipment, office furniture and game tables. Along with our moving and hauling services we also are able to disassemble and reassemble all of the products listed. Tri-State Assembly also specializes in Philadelphia office furniture assembly services. We have been in the moving and hauling industry for a number of years and we’ve been happy with our customers results. We provide our customers with the reliability and security when It comes to moving all of your belongings from one location to another.

There’s a lot to take in consideration. Choosing the right repairman ,handy person technician or contractor here’s the right things to consider for hire. Home services can include, but not limited to, home gym assembly service, grill assembly, basketball hoop installation and much more.



My experience comes from growing up in the industry being trained by licensed & insured tradesman. I have over 20 years of repairing, replacing installing new household fixtures and building materials. I have also furthered my skills and education through trade schools and company’s that I have partnered up with over the years. Being active repair & maintenance tech I see some of the most common jobs that keep me aware of all the possibilities when troubleshooting an issue.


Owners and Workers

As a owner operator I will arrive at your home or business as the lead technician. I will oversee and perform the work. If needed I will also have a helper or two. We will be on the job from start to finish.


You can view most of our recommendations on hear from our past and recurring customers. Reputation means everything to us, along with a strong work ethic, credibility, and trust.



No job is too big or to small just describe the issue and ask for a quote via email, text, or phone. If the job requires an in person visit then this is considered a service call in most cases the fee is waived if its a first visit fix that you want done that day. Typically house hold problems can get completed with in 2-3 hours if not less depending on the size of the job.